November 3, 2015 in Part I

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11/3/2015, 3:50 AM
C.S. Jones
Finally coming out of hiatus, with plans to start updating regularly again.

Besides that, two things:

1. The series now has an official cover. Here it is.

2. In order to devote more time to the comic, preventing future hiatuses, I'll also be launching a Patreon (a combined one for both this and Webcomicry) within the next week. More on that when it happens.

11/7 Update:

It's my birthday, so to celebrate, I did that. You can find it here.

11/25 Update:

Redesigned the site almost from the ground up. It took 3 days.

“But it still looks the same.”

Look closer. You’ll find:

- A much simpler layout!
- Bigger, more readable text!
- A second URL! (yume-hime.com)
- Hover effects for every link, including images!
- A nav menu that screams if you hover over it long enough! Try it!
- New, custom-made headers! They’re still just words, but they’re also images!
- A new About page that actually says something about the comic!
- A new Subscribe page with several ways to follow it!
- A new Support page where you can toss me scraps like a pig in the dirt!
- A new Social page with hand-drawn icons!
- Fancy new arrows and horizontal rules! Also hand-drawn!
- And perhaps best of all, you can now use the arrow keys to navigate!

Don't worry, I'm getting back to the actual comic now.

3/8/16 Update

The comic may have to go on extended hiatus while I undergo treatment for... Something I don't want to talk about right now.

I'm very sorry to disappoint anyone who follows it.

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