June 14, 2014 in Part I

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6/14/2014, 6:29 AM
C.S. Jones
OK, so yeah... About the delay. Three things:

First, I lost my day job and had to scramble find enough freelance gigs to pay the rent. I've spent almost all my waking hours over the last two weeks on that.

Second, my laptop died and I had to reinstall and re-scan everything onto a new one.

And finally, I've heard that a huge movie's coming out next year with a similar plot to mine. My protagonists even look like theirs. But I'm pressing on in hopes the execution will be different enough to save it from "oh, so it's just like that one movie?" hell.

It's not something I want to expound on at the moment, but I'll probably write more about it later.

In summary, sorry about taking so long. It's unlikely this exact configuration of bad luck will happen again.

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