I wrote a real one of these. It covers what the story's about, why it's about what it's about, what inspired me to write about what it's about, and so on.

But, as of this last update (11/21/15), I haven't even revealed the plot yet. So to put it up now would just be pretentious. But it can wait. This page is just a list of details no one would otherwise notice or care about anyway, so it doesn't need a big intro.


  1. The original story was written out as a roughly 65,000-word novel over the course of 2013. That novel was intentionally left unfinished and never intended for release - it's basically just a script for the webcomic that I could improvise around. In fact, I'm still rewriting and editing huge parts of it as I go along.
  2. If you look at the date on the dream journal, you'll notice that this story is set in 2010.  This webcomic will most likely take forever to see to completion, but the main story takes place over the course of just over a week.  So I had to set it in the past to avoid having to “stay current”, especially in a series with so many references.  I picked, as the starting point, the date the story was first conceived.
  3. It's also set in a real place, and some of the drawings (most notably Laurie's house on page 9) are based on photos I took there. Anyone's invited to guess where it is.



Art Note: The basis for Laurie's personality, as well as the idea for the story itself, came from one of my close friends IRL.  And four years later, she's also the one who provided her handwriting for the dream journals, as seen here.  

She'll remain anonymous unless she asks not to, but I'd like to publicly thank her anyway.

Page 1-4

Art Note: 13 different drawings went into this page.

References: The posters, from L-R, are Black Butler, Fullmetal Alchemist, Escaflowne, and Persona 4. On the TV, although barely visible, are a Mario mushroom, a Link figurine, and a badly-drawn Eva action figure.  The one on the table was supposed to be Kenshin, but only his pants are recognizable.  The cases on the floor are for Katamari Damacy and Clannad (the movie), although again, there wasn’t much room to capture any kind of likeness.

Page 1-6

Art note: Each book spine -  53 in total - is a "sample" from a halftoned photo. 

References: The poster is Ginko from MuShiShi.  The toys, from left to right, are Totoro, Ciel Phantomhive, Winry Rockbell, Sailor Mercury, Miku Hatsune, a Chain Chomp, a Pyramid Head, and Maromi. On the bookshelf, among other books, are several volumes of Higurashi (top shelf) and Fullmetal Alchemist (second shelf), a few of Hellsing (also second shelf), and…  A few more of some other series I don’t remember the name of, as that photo was lost with the death of my old laptop.  I don’t know what any of the other books are for the same reason.

Page 1-13

Art note: Screenshot comes from PyroDragon XII's Let's Play of Majora's Mask.  Sorry, no way I could possibly remember which video.

Page 1-16

Art note: 25 drawings in this one.

Anal detail note: Panel 6 is accurate.  Sailor Moon really did air at 7 am, on that channel, in that town, in 2002.  I've never lived there, it was just luck that I managed to find that out online.

Weird coincidence note: The TV is a Sony Wega, drawn from a random photo I found by Googling "90's TV."  But, purely by accident, it's identical to the one the Nostalgia Critic's seen watching the same show on during his review of it.  ...Also during a flashback.

Page 1-21

Art note: 9 drawings and 17 filtered stock images.